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NZ Learner License Free Test for Class 1 (Cars)
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25 Random LTNZ General Questions

1....This signal means ‘I am going to:

A. slow down.'
B. turn left.'
C. move towards the right.'
D. stop.'

LTNZ General Question

2....What is the speed limit from the time you pass an ‘Accident’ sign until you are past the crash site?

A. 20 km/h.
B. 30 km/h.
C. 40 km/h
D. 50 km/h.

LTNZ General Question

3....Which of the following is correct? A police officer has the power to arrest you, if you:

A. fail to supply your correct name and address.
B. have no warrant of fitness for your vehicle.
C. fail to signal a right turn.
D. fail to stop at a Stop sign.

LTNZ General Question

4....What must you do if glass falls on to the road from your vehicle?

A. Sweep it up within 2 hours.
B. Sweep it up straight away if you can do so safely.
C. Sweep it up within 24 hours.
D. Tell a police officer.

LTNZ General Question

5....Before making a lane change to your left, you must signal for at least 3 seconds and:

A. use your vehicle brake lights to warn other road users.
B. use your vehicle hazard lights to warn other road users.
C. check your blind spot before moving left.
D. ensure that there are no oncoming vehicles.

LTNZ General Question

6....You see a pedestrian carrying a white cane crossing the road. Do you:

A. rev the engine to let them know that you are waiting?
B. take extra care and allow them to cross the road in their own time?
C. turn on the vehicle hazard lights and drive on?
D. speed up and pass in front of them?

LTNZ General Question

7....When turning right at a roundabout, you must:

A. not indicate at any time on the roundabout.
B. indicate left before entering the roundabout.
C. indicate right before entering the roundabout.
D. indicate right when leaving the roundabout.

LTNZ General Question

8....What does the ‘speed limit’ mean?

A. slowest speed you are allowed to drive on the motorway.
B. average speed you are allowed to drive in good conditions.
C. fastest speed you are allowed to drive in good conditions.
D. fastest speed you are allowed to drive, except when passing.

LTNZ General Question C35

9....When coming up to a roundabout you must always:

A. flash the headlights on your vehicle.
B. give way to all vehicles that will cross your path.
C. sound the horn on your vehicle.
D. speed up.

LTNZ General Question

10....When driving on an unlaned road, you must drive your vehicle on the:

A. left-hand side of the road.
B. right-hand side of the road.
C. centre of the road.
D. shoulder of the road.

LTNZ General Question

11....Except in an emergency, when may you not use the horn on your vehicle in a 50 km/h area?

A. Between 4 pm and 6 pm.
B. Between 2 pm and 4 pm.
C. Between midnight and 8 am.
D. Between 11 pm and 7 am.

LTNZ General Question

12....Can you stop on a bus stop in a private motor vehicle?

A. Only between midnight and 6 am.
B. Under no circumstances.
C. When dropping off passengers.
D. Only if it is for less than 5 minutes.

LTNZ General Question

13....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

14....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

15....What does this sign mean?

A. There has been a crash – slow down to 20 km/h when passing this sign until you have passed the crash.
B. There have been crashes here in the past – slow down.
C. There has been a crash – but the road is clear now.

LTNZ General Question

16....What is the maximum legal speed for a car towing a trailer on the open road?

A. 70 km/h.
B. 80 km/h.
C. 90 km/h.
D. 100 km/h.

LTNZ General Question

17....What must you do if you want to turn right at traffic signals where a green light is showing?

A. Push your way through the vehicles coming towards you.
B. Give way to vehicles coming towards you.
C. Wait until the lights change to red and then turn quickly.
D. Turn at once as the vehicles coming towards you will be stopped.

LTNZ General Question C29

18....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

19....What colour are the 2 lines painted on a sealed road at a Give Way sign?

A. Yellow.
B. White.
C. Grey.
D. Red.

LTNZ General Question

20....Which of the following must you do if you are the holder of any class of driver licence?

A. Attend a defensive driving course.
B. Sit the practical test again in 4 months
C. Get a new licence every year.
D. Carry your licence with you at all times when driving.

LTNZ General Question

21....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

22....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

23....When driving at night, which vehicle lights should you turn on?

A. Headlights.
B. Park lights
C. Interior lights.
D. Hazard lights.

LTNZ General Question C32

24....If you are a driver and have a crash, what must you do FIRST of all?:

A. Tell someone at the police station.
B. Drive on if you can see that no one is hurt.
C. Stop and check if anyone is hurt and give help.
D. Sweep the road clear of broken glass.

LTNZ General Question

25....When turning left into a driveway, slow down and:

A. check the driveway is clear and enter.
B. signal only if there is a vehicle behind you and enter.
C. signal for 3 seconds or more and if the driveway is clear, enter.
D. signal only if another vehicle is coming towards you and enter.

LTNZ General Question

10 Random LTNZ Special Questions

1....To pass a warrant of fitness test, your car door handles MUST operate:

A.. from the inside and the outside.
B.. from the outside only.
C.. from the inside only.
D.. only on the front doors.

LTNZ Special Question 6

2....The warrant of fitness label for your car should be displayed at the:

A.. top centre of the windscreen.
B.. left of the windscreen.
C.. top right corner of the windscreen.
D.. bottom centre of the windscreen.

LTNZ Special Question 7

3....Before any modification is carried out on your vehicle, you should:

A.. remove the registration plates from your vehicle.
B.. check with an authorised vehicle inspection centre.
C.. check that your warrant of fitness is current to within 1 month.
D.. record the modification on your vehicle ownership papers.

LTNZ Special Question 15

4....If you tow another vehicle, what is the maximum distance allowed between the 2 vehicles?

A.. 1 metre.
B.. 2 metres.
C.. 3 metres.
D.. 4 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 13

5....Your vehicle has a current warrant of fitness but a rear red stop light is not working. Do you:

A.. continue to drive the vehicle?
B.. only use the vehicle during daylight hours?
C.. have the fault repaired immediately?
D.. only use the vehicle in a 50 km/h speed area?

LTNZ Special Question 2

6....What is the maximum distance a load may overhang your vehicle behind the rear axle?

A.. 4 metres.
B.. 5 metres.
C.. 6 metres.
D.. 7 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 1

7....What must be displayed on the back of a trailer being towed at night?

A.. A blue light.
B.. A red light.
C.. A white flag.
D.. A white light.

LTNZ Special Question 14

8....What is the minimum tread depth required for car tyres?

A.. 0.5 mm.
B.. 1.0 mm.
C.. 1.5 mm.
D.. 2.00 mm.

LTNZ Special Question 12

9....A warrant of fitness is to show:

A.. the year the vehicle was made.
B.. if the driver has had any crashes.
C.. how many times the vehicle has crashed.
D.. that the vehicle was roadworthy at the time of checking.

LTNZ Special Question 4

10....At night, a towed vehicle must:

A.. have a red light at the back.
B.. have its hazard lights on.
C.. be sounding its horn.
D.. be travelling slower than 50 km/h.

LTNZ Special Question 10


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