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NZ Learner License Free Test for Class 1 (Cars)
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25 Random LTNZ General Questions

1....When coming up to a pedestrian crossing, what MUST you do?

A. Slow down and be ready to stop for pedestrians.
B. Speed up before pedestrians cross.
C. Sound the horn on your vehicle to warn pedestrians.
D. Slow down to 30 km/h.

LTNZ General Question

2....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

3....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

4....When driving into bright sunlight, you should use sunglasses and your vehicle sun visors for safety. You are also advised to:

A. turn the headlights of your vehicle on.
B. drive safely on the far left of the road.
C. look at and drive close to the centre of the road.
D. pull over or stop and wait for a few minutes.

LTNZ General Question

5....You must not move on to a railway level crossing until:

A. you are going fast enough so that you do not stop on the crossing.
B. you see that the lines are clear both ways and there are no vehicles stopped in front of you.
C. you have the headlights of your vehicle turned onto high beam.
D. you sound the horn on your vehicle.

LTNZ General Question

6....At night, when MUST you always dip the headlights on your vehicle?

A. driving around town.
B. driving on a motorway.
C. following other vehicles.
D. driving in the country.

LTNZ General Question C27

7....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

8....You must not park on the right-hand of the road except when you are:

A. in the countryside.
B. picking up passengers.
C. delivering packages.
D. in a one-way street.

LTNZ General Question

9....What should you do if an ambulance comes up behind you, flashing red lights or sounding its siren?

A. Speed up to avoid delay.
B. Put your vehicle hazard lights on and drive on at the same speed.
C. Slow down, pull over and allow the ambulance to pass.
D. Flash your vehicle headlights to warn oncoming traffic.

LTNZ General Question

10....You can stop or park your vehicle over a fire hydrant (fire plug) if:

A. a mobility card is displayed in the front window.
B. it is not left unattended for less than 10 minutes.
C. someone who can move it stays with the vehicle.
D. your vehicle breaks down.

LTNZ General Question

11....What must you do FIRST of all, if you are the driver involved in a traffic crash?

A. Report it to the Police.
B. Use a telephone and dial 111.
C. Stop and check if anyone is hurt and give help.
D. Drive on to the nearest garage.

LTNZ General Question

12....If you are a driver and have a crash, what must you do FIRST of all?:

A. Tell someone at the police station.
B. Drive on if you can see that no one is hurt.
C. Stop and check if anyone is hurt and give help.
D. Sweep the road clear of broken glass.

LTNZ General Question

13....The bonnet of your vehicle lifts up while you are driving and you cannot see. What should you do?

A. Turn your vehicle headlights on and look out of the side window.
B. Brake smoothly and move over to the left side of the road.
C. Steer your vehicle straight ahead and stop as quickly as you can.
D. Speed up and move to the left side of the road.

LTNZ General Question

14....Before making a lane change to your left, you must signal for at least 3 seconds and:

A. use your vehicle brake lights to warn other road users.
B. use your vehicle hazard lights to warn other road users.
C. check your blind spot before moving left.
D. ensure that there are no oncoming vehicles.

LTNZ General Question

15....You may stop on a motorway only:

A. to let down or pick up passengers.
B. if there is an emergency.
C. to make a U-turn.
D. to stop and take a photo.

LTNZ General Question

16....What should you do if the vehicle behind you starts to pass you?

A. Move over to the right so that they cannot pass.
B. Speed up so that they will not need to pass.
C. Signal for them to stay behind you because you think they are going too fast.
D. Move as far to the left side of the road as is safe and do not speed up.

LTNZ General Question

17....You are the driver of the blue car. Of the 4 hazards marked, which one is most likely to require you to take urgent action?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

LTNZ General Question

18....Are you allowed to drive a vehicle with a load that is not tied on properly?

A. Yes – if you drive at less than 20 km/h.
B. Yes – if you put a white flag on the right-hand corner
C. Yes – if you think it will not come off the trailer.
D. No – not at all.

LTNZ General Question

19....If you are driving and you want to use a cellphone you should:

A. stop in the flush median to answer calls when it is safe to do so.
B. answer the call at the next set of traffic signals.
C. slow down to answer the call when it is safe to do so.
D. pull over and stop to use the cellphone when it is safe to do so.

LTNZ General Question

20....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

21....You are driving at night and see a vehicle coming towards you with its headlights on high beam. Where should you look?

A. At the vehicle coming towards you.
B. At the centre of the road.
C. At the left side of the road.
D. At the far right of the road.

LTNZ General Question

22....What does this sign mean?

A. Children's playground ahead.
B. Railway station ahead.
C. Railway level crossing ahead.
D. Railway museum ahead.

LTNZ General Question

23....If driving in a 50 km/h area, the horn on your vehicle should not be used:

A. between 11 pm and 7 am, except in emergencies.
B. between sunset and sunrise, except in emergencies.
C. near schools or parks.
D. near sportsfields or churches.

LTNZ General Question

24....Who may legally require you to give a blood sample?

A. A police officer, an ambulance officer, other crash party.
B. A medical doctor, other crash party, a police officer.
C. A police officer, a medical doctor or an approved person.
D. An ambulance driver, an approved person or a medical doctor.

LTNZ General Question C43

25....You are driving in a 100 km/h speed area and you see an ‘Accident’ sign. What speed must you slow down to?

A. 50 km/h.
B. 40 km/h.
C. 30 km/h.
D. 20 km/h.

LTNZ General Question

10 Random LTNZ Special Questions

1....The warrant of fitness label for your car should be displayed at the:

A.. top centre of the windscreen.
B.. left of the windscreen.
C.. top right corner of the windscreen.
D.. bottom centre of the windscreen.

LTNZ Special Question 7

2....What is the maximum distance a load may overhang your vehicle behind the rear axle?

A.. 4 metres.
B.. 5 metres.
C.. 6 metres.
D.. 7 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 1

3....Which 3 things MUST you have on or in your car?

A.. A good sun visor, a radio and 2 headlights.
B.. A good sun visor, a radio and 1 or more windscreen wipers.
C.. A good sun visor, 2 good headlights and 1 or more windscreen wipers.
D.. A good sun visor, a rear-view mirror and a radio.

LTNZ Special Question 11

4....What must be displayed on the back of a trailer being towed at night?

A.. A blue light.
B.. A red light.
C.. A white flag.
D.. A white light.

LTNZ Special Question 14

5....At night, a towed vehicle must:

A.. have a red light at the back.
B.. have its hazard lights on.
C.. be sounding its horn.
D.. be travelling slower than 50 km/h.

LTNZ Special Question 10

6....If you tow another vehicle, what is the maximum distance allowed between the 2 vehicles?

A.. 1 metre.
B.. 2 metres.
C.. 3 metres.
D.. 4 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 13

7....Which parts of the car must be in good condition to prevent too much noise and gases entering the car

A.. Good mud guards and mud flaps.
B.. A good silencer and exhaust system.
C.. Good sun visors and windscreen.
D.. An efficient carburettor and heater.

LTNZ Special Question 9

8....What is the minimum tread depth required for car tyres?

A.. 0.5 mm.
B.. 1.0 mm.
C.. 1.5 mm.
D.. 2.00 mm.

LTNZ Special Question 12

9....Which person can legally stop and do a roadside check of your vehicle?

A.. A police officer.
B.. An AA mechanic.
C.. A tow truck driver.
D.. An ambulance driver.

LTNZ Special Question 5

10....Before any modification is carried out on your vehicle, you should:

A.. remove the registration plates from your vehicle.
B.. check with an authorised vehicle inspection centre.
C.. check that your warrant of fitness is current to within 1 month.
D.. record the modification on your vehicle ownership papers.

LTNZ Special Question 15


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