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NZ Learner License Free Test for Class 1 (Cars)
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25 Random LTNZ General Questions

1....After driving through surface water, you should:

A. stop and wait for your vehicle to dry out.
B. not brake for the next 500 metres.
C. brake heavily 2 or 3 times.
D. pump your vehicle brakes gently.

LTNZ General Question

2....Before going over a railway level crossing, you must:

A. stop under all circumstances.
B. drive over only if there is space for your vehicle on the other side of the line.
C. increase your speed so that you can cross the line as quickly as possible.
D. sound the horn on your vehicle to warn other road users of your presence.

LTNZ General Question

3....If yellow traffic signals are flashing it means:

A. that a crash has just happened.
B. the traffic signals are not working, apply the give way rules.
C. vehicles may only proceed straight ahead and not turn.
D. emergency vehicles are about to come through.

LTNZ General Question

4....What does this traffic signal mean?

A. Drive on before the signal changes to red.
B. Drive on because the signal will turn green.
C. Stop if you can do so safely.
D. Stop only if traffic is in the way.

LTNZ General Question

5....This sign tells you that you are coming up to a railway level crossing. What should you do?

A. Slow down so that you can look both ways to check that the crossing is clear.
B. Speed up to drive over the crossing as quickly as possible.
C. Stop to check whether the crossing is clear.
D. Turn your vehicle indicators on before driving over the crossing.

LTNZ General Question

6....When passing a bus displaying a ‘School’ sign, that has stopped to let children on or off, you must not drive faster than:

A. 20 km/h.
B. 25 km/h.
C. 30 km/h.
D. 35 km/h.

LTNZ General Question

7....When turning right from a two-laned road into a one-way street that has two lanes, you must turn into the:

A. right-hand lane.
B. left-hand lane.
C. lane that has the least vehicles.
D. lane that gives you the most direct route.

LTNZ General Question

8....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

9....When should you use the 2-second rule?

A. When reversing out of a driveway.
B. When following other vehicles at the same speed.
C. When giving way at a pedestrian crossing.
D. When using the indicators on your vehicle.

LTNZ General Question

10....When can you park your vehicle on the right-hand side of the road?

A. In a two-way street.
B. In a one-way street where you may park on both sides of the road.
C. Up to 1 metre from an intersection.
D. If you are not parked over a fire plug.

LTNZ General Question

11....Can you stop on a bus stop in a private motor vehicle?

A. Only between midnight and 6 am.
B. Under no circumstances.
C. When dropping off passengers.
D. Only if it is for less than 5 minutes.

LTNZ General Question

12....When coming up to a one-lane bridge, what does this sign indicate?

A. You must give way.
B. You have the right of way.
C. You must stop.
D. You must slow down.

LTNZ General Question

13....When would you use the 2-second rule?

A. When following another vehicle.
B. When reversing from a carpark.
C. When parking your vehicle.
D. When signalling a right turn.

LTNZ General Question

14....What must you do if glass falls on to the road from your vehicle?

A. Sweep it up within 2 hours.
B. Sweep it up straight away if you can do so safely.
C. Sweep it up within 24 hours.
D. Tell a police officer.

LTNZ General Question

15....What must you do when red lights are flashing at a railway level crossing?

A. Drive over the lines as soon as the train has passed.
B. Slow down and then drive over the lines.
C. Stop until the lights stop flashing.
D. Stop and if no train is coming you may drive over the lines.

LTNZ General Question C44

16....When driving on an unlaned road, your vehicle should be positioned:

A. anywhere, so long as you can see what is coming.
B. 1 metre from the left-hand kerb.
C. close to the centre of the road.
D. as close to the left side of the road as possible.

LTNZ General Question

17....What should you do if you meet farm animals coming towards you on the road?

A. Slow down and move over to the left side of the road.
B. Give a long blast with the horn on your vehicle.
C. Give a lot of short toots with the horn on your vehicle.
D. Race your vehicle engine.

LTNZ General Question

18....You may stop on a motorway only:

A. to let down or pick up passengers.
B. if there is an emergency.
C. to make a U-turn.
D. to stop and take a photo.

LTNZ General Question

19....What should you do when another vehicle is following you very closely?

A. Speed up to get further ahead.
B. Brake suddenly to warn them.
C. Flick your vehicle lights and wave your arm.
D. Slow down, move to the left and allow the vehicle to pass.

LTNZ General Question

20....A white diamond painted on the road means that you are coming up to:

A. a pedestrian crossing.
B. traffic signals.
C. a roundabout.
D. an intersection.

LTNZ General Question

21....In addition to checking it is safe to move out from the kerb into the traffic flow, what must you do?

A. Accelerate quickly into the traffic flow.
B. Move slowly into a space in the traffic flow.
C. Signal for at least 3 seconds.
D. Reverse away from the kerb.

LTNZ General Question

22....When opening the car door you should:

A. open the door and expect the cyclist to stop.
B. open the door and expect the cyclist to swerve.
C. wait for the cyclist to go past before opening the door.
D. warn the cyclist by sounding the horn before opening the door.

LTNZ General Question

23....What must you do when you see blue and red flashing lights behind you?

A. Speed up to get out of the way.
B. Slow down and drive on carefully.
C. Slow down and stop.
D. Drive on as usual.

LTNZ General Question C42

24....Which one of the following lights should your vehicle use when driving in fog?

A. Park lights.
B. Headlights on high beam.
C. Hazard lights.
D. Dipped headlights.

LTNZ General Question

25....If you intend to move your vehicle from the right-hand lane to the left-hand lane, you must

A. move to the left as quickly as possible.
B. speed up and signal as you move to the left.
C. signal for at least 3 seconds before moving left.
D. slow down and signal as you move to the left.

LTNZ General Question

10 Random LTNZ Special Questions

1....Before any modification is carried out on your vehicle, you should:

A.. remove the registration plates from your vehicle.
B.. check with an authorised vehicle inspection centre.
C.. check that your warrant of fitness is current to within 1 month.
D.. record the modification on your vehicle ownership papers.

LTNZ Special Question 15

2....Which parts of the car must be in good condition to prevent too much noise and gases entering the car

A.. Good mud guards and mud flaps.
B.. A good silencer and exhaust system.
C.. Good sun visors and windscreen.
D.. An efficient carburettor and heater.

LTNZ Special Question 9

3....Which person can legally stop and do a roadside check of your vehicle?

A.. A police officer.
B.. An AA mechanic.
C.. A tow truck driver.
D.. An ambulance driver.

LTNZ Special Question 5

4....What is the maximum distance a load may overhang your vehicle behind the rear axle?

A.. 4 metres.
B.. 5 metres.
C.. 6 metres.
D.. 7 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 1

5....Your vehicle has a current warrant of fitness but a rear red stop light is not working. Do you:

A.. continue to drive the vehicle?
B.. only use the vehicle during daylight hours?
C.. have the fault repaired immediately?
D.. only use the vehicle in a 50 km/h speed area?

LTNZ Special Question 2

6....At night, a towed vehicle must:

A.. have a red light at the back.
B.. have its hazard lights on.
C.. be sounding its horn.
D.. be travelling slower than 50 km/h.

LTNZ Special Question 10

7....Which 3 things MUST you have on or in your car?

A.. A good sun visor, a radio and 2 headlights.
B.. A good sun visor, a radio and 1 or more windscreen wipers.
C.. A good sun visor, 2 good headlights and 1 or more windscreen wipers.
D.. A good sun visor, a rear-view mirror and a radio.

LTNZ Special Question 11

8....What is the maximum distance a load may extend in front of a car?

A.. 2 metres from the front edge of the front seat.
B.. 3 metres from the front edge of the front seat.
C.. 4 metres from the front edge of the front seat.
D.. 5 metres from the front edge of the front seat.

LTNZ Special Question 8

9....The warrant of fitness label for your car should be displayed at the:

A.. top centre of the windscreen.
B.. left of the windscreen.
C.. top right corner of the windscreen.
D.. bottom centre of the windscreen.

LTNZ Special Question 7

10....If your car is more than 6 years old, you must renew its warrant of fitness every:

A.. 3 months.
B.. 6 months.
C.. 9 months.
D.. 12 months.

LTNZ Special Question 3


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