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NZ Learner License Free Test for Class 1 (Cars)
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25 Random LTNZ General Questions

1....What should you do if you are driving and become sleepy?

A. Drive on the far left side of the road.
B. Move off to the left of the road and have a rest.
C. Speed up so that you can get home quickly.
D. Keep on driving but use a lower gear.

LTNZ General Question

2....Are you allowed to drive a vehicle with a load that is not tied on properly?

A. Yes if you drive at less than 20 km/h.
B. Yes if you put a white flag on the right-hand corner
C. Yes if you think it will not come off the trailer.
D. No not at all.

LTNZ General Question

3....When following another vehicle on a dusty road, you should:

A. speed up to get past.
B. turn your vehicle windscreen wipers on.
C. stay back from the dust cloud.
D. turn your vehicle headlights on.

LTNZ General Question

4....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

5....You may stop on a motorway only:

A. to let down or pick up passengers.
B. if there is an emergency.
C. to make a U-turn.
D. to stop and take a photo.

LTNZ General Question

6....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

7....If you miss your exit on a motorway, you should:

A. reverse back to the exit.
B. make a U-turn back to the exit.
C. drive on to the next exit.

LTNZ General Question

8....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

9....You must not open the door of your motor vehicle if:

A. you are parked within 10 metres of a bus stop.
B. you are likely to scratch the paint of your vehicle.
C. the car radio in your vehicle is playing loud music.
D. you are likely to hurt any person.

LTNZ General Question

10....During what period is there a restriction on sounding the horn on your vehicle in a 50 km/h area?

A. Between the hours 10 am and 6 pm, except in an emergency.
B. Between the hours 10 pm and 6 pm, except in an emergency.
C. Between the hours 11 pm and 6 am, except in an emergency.
D. Between the hours 11 pm and 7 am, except in an emergency.

LTNZ General Question

11....What should you do if an ambulance comes up behind you, flashing red lights or sounding its siren?

A. Speed up to avoid delay.
B. Put your vehicle hazard lights on and drive on at the same speed.
C. Slow down, pull over and allow the ambulance to pass.
D. Flash your vehicle headlights to warn oncoming traffic.

LTNZ General Question

12....What rule applies when both vehicles are controlled by a Give Way sign?

A. The give way rule.
B. The lane rule.
C. The passing rule.
D. The 2-second rule.

LTNZ General Question

13....What does this sign mean?

A. Cycle lane.
B. Keep left.
C. Greasy surface.
D. Left-hand lane closed.

LTNZ General Question

14....What is the least distance of clear road you MUST have in front of you when you have finished passing another vehicle?

A. 40 metres.
B. 60 metres.
C. 80 metres.
D. 100 metres.

LTNZ General Question C5

15....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

16....You are the driver of the blue car. Do you:

A. speed up to get around in front of the cyclist?
B. keep driving as the cyclist has to give way to larger vehicles?
C. sound the warning device to warn the cyclist?
D. stop and give way to the cyclist?

LTNZ General Question

17....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

18....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

19....A reflectorised triangle can be placed on the side of the road when there is:

A. a pothole in the road.
B. a breakdown ahead.
C. flooding on the road.
D. a police officer directing traffic.

LTNZ General Question

20....When should you use the 2-second rule?

A. When reversing out of a driveway.
B. When following other vehicles at the same speed.
C. When giving way at a pedestrian crossing.
D. When using the indicators on your vehicle.

LTNZ General Question

21....You must turn your vehicle headlights on:

A. 15 minutes after sunset until 15 minutes before sunrise.
B. 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.
C. 45 minutes after sunset until 45 minutes before sunrise.
D. 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour before sunrise.

LTNZ General Question

22....You are waiting at a railway level crossing and the red lights continue to flash after the train has passed. What should you do?

A. drive on carefully while the lights are still flashing.
B. stay stopped until the lights stop flashing.
C. check both ways and then drive on.
D. wait for 15 seconds and then drive on.

LTNZ General Question C11

23....You are the driver of the blue car. Of the 4 hazards marked, which one is most likely to require you to take urgent action?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

LTNZ General Question

24....Passengers in your vehicle are 15 years or over. Who is responsible for making sure they wear a safety belt?

A. The passengers themselves.
B. The parents of the passengers.
C. You as the driver of the vehicle.
D. Other passengers in your vehicle.

LTNZ General Question

25....Except in an emergency, when may you not use the horn on your vehicle in a 50 km/h area?

A. Between 4 pm and 6 pm.
B. Between 2 pm and 4 pm.
C. Between midnight and 8 am.
D. Between 11 pm and 7 am.

LTNZ General Question

10 Random LTNZ Special Questions

1....If you tow another vehicle, what is the maximum distance allowed between the 2 vehicles?

A.. 1 metre.
B.. 2 metres.
C.. 3 metres.
D.. 4 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 13

2....The warrant of fitness label for your car should be displayed at the:

A.. top centre of the windscreen.
B.. left of the windscreen.
C.. top right corner of the windscreen.
D.. bottom centre of the windscreen.

LTNZ Special Question 7

3....If your car is more than 6 years old, you must renew its warrant of fitness every:

A.. 3 months.
B.. 6 months.
C.. 9 months.
D.. 12 months.

LTNZ Special Question 3

4....A warrant of fitness is to show:

A.. the year the vehicle was made.
B.. if the driver has had any crashes.
C.. how many times the vehicle has crashed.
D.. that the vehicle was roadworthy at the time of checking.

LTNZ Special Question 4

5....What is the minimum tread depth required for car tyres?

A.. 0.5 mm.
B.. 1.0 mm.
C.. 1.5 mm.
D.. 2.00 mm.

LTNZ Special Question 12

6....At night, a towed vehicle must:

A.. have a red light at the back.
B.. have its hazard lights on.
C.. be sounding its horn.
D.. be travelling slower than 50 km/h.

LTNZ Special Question 10

7....Which person can legally stop and do a roadside check of your vehicle?

A.. A police officer.
B.. An AA mechanic.
C.. A tow truck driver.
D.. An ambulance driver.

LTNZ Special Question 5

8....Which 3 things MUST you have on or in your car?

A.. A good sun visor, a radio and 2 headlights.
B.. A good sun visor, a radio and 1 or more windscreen wipers.
C.. A good sun visor, 2 good headlights and 1 or more windscreen wipers.
D.. A good sun visor, a rear-view mirror and a radio.

LTNZ Special Question 11

9....Before any modification is carried out on your vehicle, you should:

A.. remove the registration plates from your vehicle.
B.. check with an authorised vehicle inspection centre.
C.. check that your warrant of fitness is current to within 1 month.
D.. record the modification on your vehicle ownership papers.

LTNZ Special Question 15

10....To pass a warrant of fitness test, your car door handles MUST operate:

A.. from the inside and the outside.
B.. from the outside only.
C.. from the inside only.
D.. only on the front doors.

LTNZ Special Question 6


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