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NZ Learner License Free Test for Class 1 (Cars)
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25 Random LTNZ General Questions

1....What should you do after driving through surface water?

A. Swerve carefully from side to side to dry out the brakes on your vehicle.
B. Move to the left of the road and dry out the wheels of your vehicle.
C. Drive with your vehicle handbrake on for at least 5 minutes.
D. Pump your vehicle brakes carefully several times to dry them out.

LTNZ General Question

2....What should you do when following another vehicle in wet conditions?

A. Drive closer to the vehicle so that you can follow in its tracks.
B. Drive with your vehicle handbrake on.
C. Apply the 4-second rule.
D. Apply the 2-second rule.

LTNZ General Question

3....What must you do when you see 2 red lights flashing outside a fire station?

A. Slow down and drive on carefully if the way is clear .
B. Slow down and stop if any other vehicle is coming
C. Slow down to 20 km/h.
D. Stop until the lights stop flashing.

LTNZ General Question

4....You have a restricted licence. A condition for driving at night without a supervisor is that you MUST NOT drive between:

A. 8 pm and 8 am.
B. 7 pm and 8 am.
C. 10 pm and 5 am.
D. 11 pm and 7 am.

LTNZ General Question

5....What does this sign mean?

A. Do not drive slower than 100 km/h.
B. Do not drive faster than 100 km/h unless the road is clear.
C. Do not drive faster than 100 km/h.
D. A rest area is 100 metres ahead.

LTNZ General Question

6....You wish to turn left at the intersection. Do you:

A. speed up and turn in front of the cyclist?
B. sound the warning device to warn the cyclist?
C. stay back until the cyclist has passed the intersection?
D. keep driving to the next intersection?

LTNZ General Question

7....You are waiting at a railway level crossing and the red lights continue to flash after the train has passed. What should you do?

A. drive on carefully while the lights are still flashing.
B. stay stopped until the lights stop flashing.
C. check both ways and then drive on.
D. wait for 15 seconds and then drive on.

LTNZ General Question C11

8....What is the safest way to carry goods inside a vehicle?

A. On the driver’s lap.
B. On the floor by the driver’s feet.
C. On the shelf near the rear window
D. In a secure place.

LTNZ General Question

9....Which one of the following vehicles can you drive on a car licence?

A. A moped.
B. A vehicle weighing over 4500 kg.
C. A tow truck.
D. A motorcycle.

LTNZ General Question

10....Flush medians can be used when you are:

A. passing other vehicles.
B. stopping at traffic signals.
C. waiting to turn right.
D. parking for 5 minutes only.

LTNZ General Question

11....When parking downhill on a steep road, the 'Road code' suggests that you should:

A. leave your keys in the vehicle in case the brakes fail.
B. turn the front wheels of your vehicle away from the kerb and leave the vehicle in first gear.
C. turn the front wheels of your vehicle towards the kerb and leave the vehicle in reverse gear.
D. leave the wheels of your vehicle straight ahead and make sure that the handbrake is on.

LTNZ General Question

12....When a flock of sheep are coming towards you on a country road, you should:

A. Sound the horn on your vehicle to move them.
B. slow down or pull over to the side of the road.
C. turn on your vehicle hazard lights and drive on.
D. turn on your vehicle headlights and then drive on.

LTNZ General Question

13....You are the driver of the blue car. Of the 4 hazards marked, which one is most likely to require you to take urgent action?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

LTNZ General Question

14....Does the driver of the blue car have to give way?


LTNZ General Question

15....What does this sign mean?

A. Children's playground ahead.
B. Railway station ahead.
C. Railway level crossing ahead.
D. Railway museum ahead.

LTNZ General Question

16....You must turn your vehicle headlights on:

A. 15 minutes after sunset until 15 minutes before sunrise.
B. 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.
C. 45 minutes after sunset until 45 minutes before sunrise.
D. 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour before sunrise.

LTNZ General Question

17....When turning left into a driveway, slow down and:

A. check the driveway is clear and enter.
B. signal only if there is a vehicle behind you and enter.
C. signal for 3 seconds or more and if the driveway is clear, enter.
D. signal only if another vehicle is coming towards you and enter.

LTNZ General Question

18....What does this sign mean?

A. Cycle lane.
B. Keep left.
C. Greasy surface.
D. Left-hand lane closed.

LTNZ General Question

19....What is the closest distance your vehicle may be parked to a vehicle entrance?

A. 0.5 metre.
B. 0.75 metre.
C. 1.00 metre.
D. 1.25 metres.

LTNZ General Question

20....What colour are temporary warning signs?

A. Blue.
B. Green.
C. Orange.
D. Red.

LTNZ General Question

21....What is the speed limit in a limited speed zone when hazardous conditions exist?

A. 80 km/h.
B. 70 km/h.
C. 60 km/h.
D. 50 km/h.

LTNZ General Question

22....Before making a lane change to your left, you must signal for at least 3 seconds and:

A. use your vehicle brake lights to warn other road users.
B. use your vehicle hazard lights to warn other road users.
C. check your blind spot before moving left.
D. ensure that there are no oncoming vehicles.

LTNZ General Question

23....When passing a bus displaying a ‘School’ sign, that has stopped to let children on or off, you must not drive faster than:

A. 20 km/h.
B. 25 km/h.
C. 30 km/h.
D. 35 km/h.

LTNZ General Question

24....How close may you park your vehicle to an intersection where no broken yellow lines have been marked?

A. 3 metres.
B. 4 metres.
C. 5 metres.
D. 6 metres.

LTNZ General Question

25....The bonnet of your vehicle lifts up while you are driving and you cannot see. What should you do?

A. Turn your vehicle headlights on and look out of the side window.
B. Brake smoothly and move over to the left side of the road.
C. Steer your vehicle straight ahead and stop as quickly as you can.
D. Speed up and move to the left side of the road.

LTNZ General Question

10 Random LTNZ Special Questions

1....What is the minimum tread depth required for car tyres?

A.. 0.5 mm.
B.. 1.0 mm.
C.. 1.5 mm.
D.. 2.00 mm.

LTNZ Special Question 12

2....If you tow another vehicle, what is the maximum distance allowed between the 2 vehicles?

A.. 1 metre.
B.. 2 metres.
C.. 3 metres.
D.. 4 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 13

3....Which person can legally stop and do a roadside check of your vehicle?

A.. A police officer.
B.. An AA mechanic.
C.. A tow truck driver.
D.. An ambulance driver.

LTNZ Special Question 5

4....A warrant of fitness is to show:

A.. the year the vehicle was made.
B.. if the driver has had any crashes.
C.. how many times the vehicle has crashed.
D.. that the vehicle was roadworthy at the time of checking.

LTNZ Special Question 4

5....The warrant of fitness label for your car should be displayed at the:

A.. top centre of the windscreen.
B.. left of the windscreen.
C.. top right corner of the windscreen.
D.. bottom centre of the windscreen.

LTNZ Special Question 7

6....If your car is more than 6 years old, you must renew its warrant of fitness every:

A.. 3 months.
B.. 6 months.
C.. 9 months.
D.. 12 months.

LTNZ Special Question 3

7....What is the maximum distance a load may overhang your vehicle behind the rear axle?

A.. 4 metres.
B.. 5 metres.
C.. 6 metres.
D.. 7 metres.

LTNZ Special Question 1

8....To pass a warrant of fitness test, your car door handles MUST operate:

A.. from the inside and the outside.
B.. from the outside only.
C.. from the inside only.
D.. only on the front doors.

LTNZ Special Question 6

9....What is the maximum distance a load may extend in front of a car?

A.. 2 metres from the front edge of the front seat.
B.. 3 metres from the front edge of the front seat.
C.. 4 metres from the front edge of the front seat.
D.. 5 metres from the front edge of the front seat.

LTNZ Special Question 8

10....Which parts of the car must be in good condition to prevent too much noise and gases entering the car

A.. Good mud guards and mud flaps.
B.. A good silencer and exhaust system.
C.. Good sun visors and windscreen.
D.. An efficient carburettor and heater.

LTNZ Special Question 9


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